Българска Морска Камара Bulgarian Chamber Of Shipping


Anual Generaql Meeting of Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping 2017
On 28.04.17, the Annual General Meeting of the Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping (BCS) was held in Aqua hotel.
Mr. Bogdan Bogdanov, the Chairman of the Board of BCS, opened the meeting and presented the report for 2016. He stressed that the past year was full of events, meetings with representatives of different institutions such as the Transport Committee of the National Assembly, Court of Appeal Varna, Port Infrastructure company and others. It was found that the BCS has a good dialogue with the relevant institutions and enjoys their respect.
Also, many interviews were held in various media and representatives of the BCS presented the positions on various topics.
There was also an increased interest in the information posted on the website, as well in Facebook and Tweeter.
Mr. Ivan Ivanov read out the financial statement for 2016. A steady trend of increasing revenues over the years has been observed.
The General Assembly adopted the Action Plan and the Budget for 2017.
After presenting of the reports, the General Assembly voted the new credentials of the companies as regular members of the BCS namely:
    Maritime Navigation Company, Varna
    Bulyard Shipbuilding Industry AD, Varna
    Fidelitas Group EAD, Varna
    Oversize Maritime Ltd., Varna

It was proposed that representatives of Maritime Navigation Company and BULYARD to become members of the BCS Board.
Two companies that can no longer be members of the BCS have dropped out. Achileos Maritime, a company no longer exists as well as the Resource Center for Marine Research.
Mr. Hristo Raev informed about the activities of the "Center for work with Maritime Community and Mediation". He explained in details some cases that had passed through the Center. It was clear that there is a benefit from such a center and it should be continued to work in the interest of the maritime community.
Mr. B.Bogdanov said that the maritime community should also pay attention to those who have contributed greatly to the development of maritime Bulgaria. He explained the idea of ​​the Board, to be awarded a plaque to Mr. Vasil Valchanov. He was responsible for maritime transport at Texim Company in the 1960s and is undoubtedly a contributor to the development of Bulgarian shipping. The idea is to award him a plaque, diploma and a cash prize, which will be on his 102nd birthday.
A sophisticated cocktail ended the annual meeting of the Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping.


Varna District Court registered the new Management Board of a non-profti organization "Bulgarian Maritime Chamber" as follows:

Alexander Kalchev
Angel Anegnostiev
Bogdan Bogdanov
Adm. Boyan Mednikarov
Danail Slavov
Vladimir Varbanov
Ivaylo Gavrilov
Peter Seferov
Nikola Hristov
Plamen Prodanov
Plamen Dimitrov
Svetlin Stoyanov
Svilen Kraychev
Tzvetko Parvanov

Auditing Board:
Ivan Inavov
Georgi Georgiev
Hristo Raev

The Chamber is represented by:
Chairman - Bogdan Bogdanov
Secretary - Svilen Kraychev ...


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