Българска Морска Камара Bulgarian Chamber Of Shipping


Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping organized a meeting with BPIC on issues related to the European regulation for port services.
In increased interest passed the meeting organized by Bulgarian Chamber of Shipping. A summary report was presented by Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPIC). The study was done in conjunction with the new EU regulation for port services.
The presentation was made by Mr. A.Zaburtov - General director of BPIC and lecturers namely Mr. Christiaan van Krimpen, Mr. John D.M. Koppies and Mr. Atanas Kirchev.
In March 2016 the European Parliament approved the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a framework for market access to port services and financial transparency of ports, which provides the legal framework for the implementation of port services and it's application to all ports of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). EU member states are obliged to make their maritime and port laws in compliance with this new regulation. All Member States bordering the sea are obliged to do so within two years from the date of entry into force.
A detailed analysis of the study shows that the part of the Bulgarian legislation ports significantly deviates not only from the requirements of the new regulation but also of the principles of the management of the ports, applicable in most other Member States bordering the sea. Independent port authorities do not exist in Bulgaria, meanwhile, tasks and responsibilities associated with the ports are distributed among various public and private entities in a somewhat random manner.
The recommendations of the report are for a new law on ports that lead to a rearrangement of tasks and responsibilities within the port sector.


Varna District Court registered the new Management Board of a non-profti organization "Bulgarian Maritime Chamber" as follows:

Alexander Kalchev
Angel Anegnostiev
Bogdan Bogdanov
Adm. Boyan Mednikarov
Danail Slavov
Vladimir Varbanov
Ivaylo Gavrilov
Peter Seferov
Nikola Hristov
Plamen Prodanov
Plamen Dimitrov
Svetlin Stoyanov
Svilen Kraychev
Tzvetko Parvanov

Auditing Board:
Ivan Inavov
Georgi Georgiev
Hristo Raev

The Chamber is represented by:
Chairman - Bogdan Bogdanov
Secretary - Svilen Kraychev ...


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