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Addres: Varna, 7 Alexander Dyakovich str.

Phones: +359 52 600-162

Mail: office@senyltd.com, supply@senyltd.com

Website: www.senyltd.com


SENY MARINE LTD. is a private company established in 1995  with main activity - repair of ship machines and mechanisms, technical and food supply. It is a representative of companies, that offer procucts for ship and yacht equipment in Bulgaria, Black sea region and along Danube river..

Much of products and services offered by the specialists in SENY MARINE LTD. is applied in Industry and Energetics.

The integrated quality management system of the company is certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance in 2000, according to the requirements of the International quality standard ISO 9001, in the area of ship supply, ship repair and the business with industrial products.

The company employs professionals with educational qualifications gained at the Naval Academy and the Technical University of Varna and wealth management practical and applied approach. Many of our specialists have experience of working in the shipyards, commercial and military ships. All this contributes to quality professional service to ships and industrial customers, according to accepted international rules and norms.

SENY MARINE LTD has its own repair base which is equipped for ship repair services and producing of details for the ship building. We have our own mobile groups for repair of turbochargers, high-speed diesel engines and engines Volvo Penta.
Reconstruction and retrofitting of boats and production of column lifts wheelhouses is a trademark of the company.

Along with leading European companies presented in Bulgaria, SENY MARINE LTD. is at the service of modern factory maintenance in all industries since 1998. During these years the company has won the trust of many customers looking to optimize costs without compromising reliability and safe operation.

Part of the assortment of SENY MARINE LTD. are compensators, high insulation, fabrication and delivery suites, production of non-standard metal structures, as well as an extensive range of products for the industry.
SENY MARINE LTD. is a part of SENY LTD. Holding and operates in ship supply.