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Rubiships Ltd.

Rubiships Ltd.

Addres: 7000 RUSE
1, Duhovno Vazrazhdane Str.

Phones: +359 82 884 491

Mail: ships@rubiships.com

Website: www.rubiships.com


Rubiships LTD is a name synonymous of professionalism in the shipping business with years of experience behind. By our expanding network of transport services we are staying close to our customers` requirements trying to ensure dedication and response to every problem.

Rubiships Ltd. is a shipping company with a long experience in transport and logistics. The company is founded in 1996 in Rousse. In 2012 Imperial Shipping Group acquired 49% of the company.

Imperial Shipping Group is the largest shipping company at the domestic market in Western Europe with 6200 employees and over 1.5 billion annual turnover.