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Agria Group Holding PLC

Agria Group Holding PLC

Addres: 111, Knyaz Boris I Str.

Phones: 052.554000

Mail: office@agriabg.com

Website: http://www.agriabg.com/


Agria Group Holding AD is a public company that operates in North-eastern Bulgaria. In its structure, it combines a range of companies that specialize in agro-production, trade in cereals and oilseeds, storage, processing, transport and logistics, renewable energy. Agria Group Holding AD has a registered capital of BGN 6,800,000.

The company specializes in four main areas:

- Agro-business - purchase and rent of agricultural land, growing of cereal and oil crops, construction of irrigation systems, etc.;

- Storage and processing of agricultural products - construction and management of modern grain storage facilities with a total capacity of 220 000 t, production of sunflower crude and refined oils

- Trade and export;

- Renewable energy sources